cm-orchid-3-222x300cm_0004-231x300 Cris Moor

Cris Moor first gained critical notice in the 90′s – a time when fashion and art returned to the streets. Moor, still a student at Cooper Union experienced first-hand the excitement and energy of the burgeoning downtown cultural scene centering around the now legendary American Fine Arts, where he subsequently had his first solo exhibition. Contrasting with the prevailing photographic work , Moor’s works were nuanced and refined in a remarkably distinct way, not relying on stylistic convention, yet capturing the allure of magical, fresh moments of discovery.

Now, as a NY based photographer, Moor’s sensibility surfaces through various textures of images: some images render a very particular quality and character of natural light, attaining a grace of technical precision, others capture realities that appear ephemeral – but physical, like the visceral bleached air in the moments before on falls asleep. Other times, Moor manipulates artificial  and natural light, creating unexpected processes to explore unique photographic effects. The  resulting images, in their sensual aesthetic and formal perfection, reveal something unmistakably Moor’s own.