Sonia Agostino studied fashion & illustration at FIT in New York. Right from college, she went on to design for companies that specialized in custom work for celebrities, performance artists, dancers, & the night life chic. She has worked with latex for over 13 years, and has claimed it to be her favorite material to work with. Her work has been featured in many fashion publications & video + worn by top celebrities. Her goal is to grow the Tableaux Vivants business & bridge the gap between how latex is considered to be worn & what fashion is really all about. Currently, she resides in Brooklyn NY.


“ Tableaux Vivants was born in May of 2009 with a brainstorming session over wine — as all good ideas tend to. Our inspiration comes from the desire to elevate the look of latex fashion as we know it. We want to dress the freshest people at the party, work with the revolutionary artist who wants to challenge the world’s perceptions. Creativity feeding on creativity. Above all else, we want it to be beautiful.

— this is what TABLEAUX VIVANTS is about. ”

Photo credit by Elle Muliarchyk.